Pro-Test: Standing Up For Science


Welcome to the official website of Pro-Test. Until 2011, Pro-test was an Oxford-based group campaigning in favour of continued animal testing and in support of scientific research. We aimed to dispel the irrational myths promoted by anti-vivisectionists and to encourage people to stand up for science and human progress.

Use the links above to navigate this website. You can find out more about us, including the committee members, learn some of the facts about animal testing, and read our blogs posts, which kept track of our campaigns and media appearances, and discuss the latest scientific advances derived from animal research. There's also a section on our campaigning in the past. Finally, there are ways to contact us, and links to other organisations.

In February 2011, five years after it formed, Pro-Test wound up its UK operations. Pro-Test has successfully met its goals of defending the construction of the Oxford Lab, increasing awareness of the importance of animal research, and bringing the public on-side in support of life-saving medical research.

Pro-Test's sister organisation, Speaking of Research, continues to be active in the UK and US