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Rat Model for Liver Failure brings new approach to treatment

The BBC has a report of a new approach to treating fulminant hepatic
failure (FHF), where the patient's own immune system damages and
eventually destroys the liver.

Previous studies have indicated that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) could
inhibit this immune response, though it was not clear how they did so.
In this latest study Biju Parekkadan and colleagues tested whether MSCs
could prevent liver damage by inhibiting the immune response in a rat
model of liver failure, and discovered which techniques using MSCs
worked/ in vivo/. They identified two methods that did allow MSCs to
inhibit tissue damage and also determined that the protective effect was
due to molecules secreted by the MSCs, which they are now attempting to
identify by proteomic analysis.

Currently many patients with liver failure die before a suitable organ
becomes available for transplant, and previous attempts to use liver
cell bioreactors to buy time for liver failure patients have had
disappointing results due to lack of appropriate liver cells. This fine
piece of research identifies a population of cells that can be harvested
from the patient themselves relatively easily and grown in vitro in
sufficient numbers. It will hopefully lead to new methods for keeping
patients with liver failure alive until transplants are available, or
even to reverse liver failure if started early enough.

Paul Browne


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Expanding website

People may realise we have been adding bits and pieces to the website over the last few weeks. To draw attention to one great addition - we now host a copy of "Medical Advances and Animal Research", a new booklet produced by the Coalition for Meidcal Progress and Research Defence Society. This booklet can be downloaded from

We will also be putting up an interview with Tipu Aziz that we did recently where he can explain how animal research has been crucial to his work on alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. He will also be able to put to rest some of the ridiculous accusations made against him by animal rights groups.

What do you want to see on the website? e-mail us at to tell us what you want to see on the website.


Tom Holder

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