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Pro-Test welcomes Home Office statistics on animal research for 2006

Pro-Test welcomes statistics on animal research for 2006

Today the Home Office has released the figures for all animal research done in the UK in 2006. The total number of procedures carried out on animals has risen from 2.90 million in 2005, to 3.01 million in 2006 (1) – although the total number of animals used is slightly less than this. In certain rare cases an animal will be used for more than one procedure.

The rise has been primarily in the number of procedures carried out on GM (genetically modified) animals. GM animals, mainly mice, can offer better animal models for human diseases, enabling scientists to develop new treatments for serious genetic diseases such as sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis.

The number of procedures on non-human primates has fallen to 4,200, a 10% drop from 2005; with only 3,108 primates used. Dogs, cats, horses and non-human primates together now account for less than 1% of animal research in the UK. (2)

Pro-Test Spokesman, Tom Holder:
"Pro-Test welcomes the increases in the use of genetically modified mice to understand our genes better and help to find better treatments and cures for diseases. The recent small rises in animal research must also be understood in the context of massive rises in funding of all areas of bioscience and medical research."


1. Home Office Press Release, 23/07/07 – "Publication of the 2006 statistics on animal research"

2. The full Home office statistical report can be found here:

3. Contacts: Pro-Test Press Office
Tom Holder, 07802482994
Iain Simpson, 07960180033


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Decline in Animal Rights attacks

In a recent piece by the Guardian, it was reported that there has been a decline in animal rights attacks. Something we should surely be celebrating, but who is responsible? Well two parties, the police, who have worked diligently to keep dangerous activists off the street; and the public, who's support has left the animal rights groups without the moral or financial backing to continue the more violent actions.

It's nice to see that Pro-Test still warrants some column inches, and keep your eyes and ears open for more, as the upcoming date of the next Oxford rally is soon to be announced.


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