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Pro-Test on Facebook and Myspace!!

Pro-Test can be found on both Facebook and Myspace as we explore new ways of spreading the true benefits of animal research.

The Facebook group has been going for a while and has almost 1,500 members, whereas the Myspace account is brand new (and I'm still working out how myspace [and html!] works).

So join up and add your support for animal research.


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Latest Pro-Test media appearances...

Firstly, Oxford City Council supports animal research. It really does say something that the city where animal rights activists are most prevalent, and the city which has seen the most debate on animal research, is also the city which supports it the strongest. Democracy is a beautiful thing.

We've been in the media a bit recently. A few weeks ago was the anniversary of Pro-Test's first march, which the Grauniad covered here(Iain Sinclair is a stage name). We don't mind too much though, because the Guardian also did a lovely piece (with more alert sub-editors) a few weeks before, which can be found here. A small prize to the first person to get the reference of the title...

Elsewhere in the news, the Taylors, accompanied by Teresa Portwine, went off to prison for some time under the recently introduced SOCA (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 for those of you who like long names). You can read about that, and Pro-Test's response, here. A broadcast piece went out on News24 at the same time, but it isn't available online.

Lastly - University and school debates and talks. We love them. In the last 6 weeks or so we've been along to LSE, UCL and Birmingham and quite a few schools. We've even made it as far north as Wigan. Now that's dedication.

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