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Watch "Monkey, Rats and Me" Documentary on the web

You can watch and download "Monkey, Rats and Me", the Adam Wishart documentary that was recently aired on BBC2.

More information on Adam Wishart can be found on his website here
Adam says:
"I'm told by my sources close to the animal liberation movement that the film is also being recut and portions of it are being passed around with their own particular slant. In the event that I can't police that, I figure that having the full thing downloadable at least allows people to see it in its full context."

It's quite late to say this, but thank you so much to the literally hundreds of people who e-mailed us with their support. It was greatly appreciated by all of us at Pro-Test.




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Mouse model offers hope of new Parkinson's cure...

This really is Pro-Test's mouse of the month.

By mixing drugs which stimulate the production of dopamine with drugs which slow down the break down of endocannabinoids, researchers at Stanford were able to deal with the twin movement problems of Parkinson's, allowing normal movement whilst stopping involuntary movement. It will be interesting to see how this one develops...

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