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The Mouse that Sniffled!

It's not so long ago that animal research was the science that dared not
speak its name, and reports on its use in the popular press few and far
between. Thankfully the situation has altered beyond all recognition in
recent years; scientists are increasingly willing to discuss their work
in public, and the importance of such research is recognized by
science-savvy journalists.

Today's front page in the Independent shows just how far we have come.

The work reported by Prof. Sebastian Johnston and colleagues in Nature
Medicine (1) is undoubtedly of great importance, as anyone who has seen
a loved one suffer from a rhinovirus induced asthma attack or bronchitis
will attest. Commenting on the breakthrough Sir Leszek Borysiewicz,
chief executive of the Medical Research Council which funded the study,
said "This important and fundamental discovery will enable us to
understand the effects rhinoviruses and common colds have on our health"
and went on to say that "It will open up new paths to finding treatments
which have been delayed for many years and provides us with the
opportunities for further breakthroughs in the future."

Pro-Test congratulates Prof. Johnston and his colleagues for their
success, but we are also delighted to see animal research getting the
credit it has long deserved for its role in medical advancement.

1) Bartlett N.W et al. "Mouse models of rhinovirus-induced disease and
exacerbation of allergic airway inflammation." Nature Medicine, 03
February 2008; doi:10.1038/nm1713


Paul Browne

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