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US to hold Pro-Test rally

Storm clouds are gathering for a clash of wills during the upcoming World Week for Animals in Laboratories. However the battle will not be played out in the streets of Oxford, or elsewhere in Britain, but instead at the University College of Los Angeles (UCLA). Animal Rights groups are organizing a rally at the UCLA campus on April 22nd, but their lies and misinformation will go unchallenged no longer. UCLA Pro-Test, an organization of students and scientists is gathering on this very same day for a Pro-Research, Pro-Science demonstration to stand up against animal rights extremism and explain the crucially important role than animals play in medical research.

David Jentsch, and a number of other scientists who have also been the victims of animal rights extremism in California have decided to take a stand. With the support of Speaking of Research, and us at Pro-Test, they are organising a demonstration to show that the students and scientists of UCLA and its neighbouring universities support animal-based medical research.

On Wednesday, 22nd April 2009, at 11:30 we call for all students, scientists and members of the public in California and beyond, to make their way to the UCLA campus and meet at the junction of Westwood Blvd and Le Conte Ave. Stand up for Science, Research and the Medicines of Tomorrow - Stand up and have your voice heard at the UCLA Pro-Test rally!!

Keep updated through the UCLA Pro-Test page on our US sister website - Speaking of Research.

"It's very exciting that students, scientists, patients and members of the public on both sides of the Atlantic are willing to stand up in support of the continuing importance of animal based research" - Laurie Pycroft, Pro-test Founder


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