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MPs vote on hybrid embryos

Pro-Test welcomed Monday's vote by MPs to allow the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos that will be used to produce stem cells for medical research. This work has the potential to provide new treatments for illnesses such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease and motor neuron disease, and we believe that it should be allowed to proceed in a well regulated manner in the UK.

Several sources of stem cells are now being studied in the UK including adult, induced pluripotent , cord blood and embryonic stem cells, and it is best to explore a variety of methods while there is still great uncertainty as to which will work best for each disease. What is beyond doubt is that animal research plays vital role in the research and refinement that is needed to take stem cell therapies from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside, and we will continue to support this work.

We wish the stem cell scientists well in their research.


p.s. Keep an eye on the science blog for recent medical advances made possible through animal research


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