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Pro-Test in the US: Speaking of Research

Pro-Test have now got members out in the US who are willing to go to your institution (school, college, university...etc.) to speak up about the importance of lifesaving research using animals.

Founded by Pro-Test committee member, Tom Holder, Speaking of Research is a new campus-oriented group that seeks to provide university students and scientists with accurate information and resources about the importance of animal research in medical science.

Pro-Test encourages university students who are tired of the half truths and distortions spread by animal rights groups in the US, to organise a debate in their college or school. We are willing to come and help defend lifesaving research in any forum to which we are invited. We are also available to give talks on our experience (and part in) the rise and fall of extremism in the UK, the value of animal research in medicine, and the importance of standing against the lies, harassment and violence of animal rights groups in the US.

Anyone interested should contact Tom Holder:
Phone: 703-395-0646




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