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Pro-Test Celebrates Science and Battles Extremism

Peter Hollins, Chief Executive of British heart Foundation and Chair of the Coalition for Medical Progress, lends his support to the Pro-test march today. He said;
"Medical research underpins advances that help to improve and save peoples lives. The Coalition for Medical Progress is working alongside organisations and people who all believe we need to work together to foster an environment in which our scientists can continue their life saving work."

Hundreds of Pro-Testers marched through the streets of Oxford in support of lifesaving animal research, and to stand against animal rights extremism that has plagued the building of the new Oxford Biomedical Facility.

The Pro-Test march was conducted peacefully, as protesters gathered to hear speeches promoting medical progress through animal testing. Speakers included MP Evan Harris, Prof. Robin Lovell-Badge, Prof. Tipu Aziz and Prof. John Stein and were all met with rapturous applause.

Oxford University:
“Oxford is a world leader in non-animal research techniques such as computer modelling, imaging and epidemiological studies. However, there is overwhelming scientific consensus worldwide that some research using animals is still essential for medical progress. We remain, as ever, firmly committed to the completion of a new facility to re-house animals used in potentially life-saving research. The state-of-the-art facilities in the building will support animal welfare, and in turn support good science.”

The Government Science Minister:
“As Minister for Science I fully support the objectives of Pro-Test, and welcome the message you send to Britain’s scientists about the necessity of research to medical science, to encourage them to speak out about their work and be proud of the contributions they make.
The UK is a world leader in medical advances and the Government is proud of the pioneering work of our scientists and researchers; the use of animals is essential to the success of this vital work."


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Pro-Test marches for lifesaving research

On Saturday February 9th 2008 Pro-Test are marching in Oxford to support animal research, and to stand against the campaign of fear and intimidation which had previously all but silenced the voices of many scientists across the country.

The rally in Oxford, says Laurie Pycroft, teenage founder of Pro-Test, will
“show that students, scientists and the public at large will not be cowed by animal rights extremists. The new biomedical research centre at Oxford is nearing completion, and we must continue to speak out in support of animal research to prevent the future of medical research from being held hostage by violent extremists.”
Recent polls have shown that public opinion mostly backs animal research.

Tom Holder, an Oxford student and one of the march organisers, added
“There are widespread misunderstandings regarding animal research. Antivivisection groups spend much time and effort confusing the general public with pseudoscience and lies. We must all take active steps to put this right. The new laboratory will provide top class facilities for scientific research and state-of-the-art accommodation for the animals housed within”.

Celebrity and scientific speakers at the rally will include Peter Hollins, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation, Prof. Robin Lovell-Badge, a leading stem cell researcher at the National Institute for Medical Research, Dr. Evan Harris, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, and Laurie Pycroft.

The march has three main aims. As well as defending the rights of researchers to work without harassment, the march will celebrate the successes of animal research in developing treatments for disease, and communicate a better understanding about animal research to non-scientists everywhere.

For further information contact: Tom Holder, Pro-Test Press Officer. Tel: 07802482994 E-mail: Web:


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