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"Animal Labs: Yes or No" - Get your vote in

The Oxford Student (student newspaper) is having a poll on the new Oxford Biomedical Facility.

Send an e-mail to with your comments on the benefits of animal research and the new Oxford Research Facility.



p.s. If you signed up at Freshers Fair make sure you read the previous news post.


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Did you sign up at Freshers' Fair?

After the huge success at Freshers Fair, Pro-Test have managed to misplace some of the signup forms. If you do not receive an e-mail in the next couple of days, and you wanted to get involved with a Pro-Test, then send an e-mail to and we'll tell you how you can get involved.

We're sorry for any trouble caused - and we hope this doesn't discourage any of you from getting involved.




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Pro-Test Success at Freshers' Fair

Well over 700 individuals signed their support to Animal Research and th new Oxford Biomedical Facility at Freshers' Fair over 3 days, making Pro-Test one of the most successful stalls at the event. Pro-test would like to thank everyone who signed, and the hundreds who added that they would like to get involved in the campaign. It was pleasing to see the odd double take, with people walking past before stopping with "...wait - did you say FOR animal research - give me a pen".

The mass signups suggest a strong turnout to come at February's march - and we look forward to seeing all those who signed, and more, at the rally. Generally it was great to see so much positivity surrounding our presence at Freshers' Fair.



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Pro-Test goes to Oxford Freshers' Fair

Pro-test will be represented at this years Freshers' Fair. So come along and ask your questions to us in person. We are recruiting for new members among the Oxford University students, both from the Freshers and older members who decide to take a look around reFreshers' Fair.

We are looking for people to:
- Help with the press team (interviews, press releases...)
- Help with writing articles or the website (blog entries, debunking AR pseudoscience...)
- Help with the upcoming March (February 9th 2008)
- Help with setting up a network of University Pro-Test groups
- Help giving talks to schools, and debates at universities
- And much, much more

So come and see us at Freshers' Fair, or contact us on




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