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Founder of animal rights philosophy supports primate research,,2087-2471990,00.html

In a BBC documentary to be shown on Monday 27th November Peter Singer, widely acknowledged as the founder of modern animal rights philosphy, has said that primate research into Parkinson's is "justified", because of the huge benefit it brings to tens of thousands of sufferers worldwide. Singer's book "Animal Liberation" is one of the keystones in the ideology of animal rights activism, it's nice to see that he acknowledges the vital role animal research still has to play.


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90.4% of Oxford Students support animal research!!

In a referendum held on 16th November, the students of Oxford University overwhelmingly voted in favour of the following policy:

1. That animal research plays and has played a votal role in developing lifesaving drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, meningitis and tuberculosis.
2. That , in situations where there are no valid alternatives, animal research is morally justified.
3. That the new animal research facility being built by Oxford University on South Parks Road should be supported.
4. That peaceful protest is a legitimate means of campaigning, that violence and intimidation are not legitimate means of campaigning.

YES - 2089 (90.43%)
NO - 221(9.57%)

This was a cross-campus referendum, with a ballot box in almost every college and every student of Oxford University eligible to vote.


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