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Stand Up for Science

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Standing Up for Science

I’ve finally decided to start a blog, in order to get my views out there, and allow people to see how I REALLY feel about animal research, why I think it’s important, and why it needs to continue currently. Hopefully, for those of you out there reading this, you can realize why animal research should be important to you, and make an informed decision as to how you regard it. I am coming from a biased view, in that, I strongly support animal research. This isn’t to say that I think any form of animal abuse is acceptable, or that I think there shouldn’t be laws. I believe that animal research should be regulated, scientists and researchers don’t have anything to hide, so submitting their work up for scrutiny under the law is a good thing. And as for the charming videos many of the animal rights activists like to choose to show on their websites, I have a hard time believing most of them are real. Or that they aren’t highly edited to show a monkey yelling when it likely had nothing to do with the research. Lets not forget that animals can be quite noisy, and it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily in pain (although it also obviously can indicate pain too.)

That said, there are probably a few rare cases of animal abuse in labs. And I hope that those people are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That is not acceptable and isn’t something I support, as much as some animal rights activists would like you to believe.

The most unfortunate part of all this animal rights and animal welfare, pro-vivisection and pro-test activism, is the fact that the argument can sometimes seem black and white. But the issue will never be 100% clear, there are always the blurry lines. Even for myself a staunch supporter of animal research in science.

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Kristina Cook Name: Kristina Cook

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

My name is Kristina Cook and I am a first year DPhil (PhD) student in a mix of Chemistry/Biochemistry and Pharmacology at Oxford University. I am 23 years old. I just moved to Oxford from Washington DC, where I lived for two months as part of the graduate program I am in. Before this I had lived in San Diego, California for five years where I went to San Diego State University for my undergraduate education. In those five years I had the opportunity to further my science education by working for a wonderful small biotech/pharmaceutical company for three years, in the in-vitro pharmacology department. I also worked in an academic lab in synthetic chemistry, for two years. I am now out in Oxford, researching cancer angiogenesis, specifically some of the proteins involved, and looking for potential new ways of treating cancer.

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This page has been set up to promote scientific research and show support for animal research conducted ethically and intelligently. Recent news in science, discussions on science and animal research and guest writings by fellow scientists are just a few of the things you can expect to find here. Build the Oxford Lab!


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